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Door To Door Express

DTD Express has been a leader in freight forwarding and logistics since 2004. We offer a full range of services for the transport of goods including all types of handling –by land, sea and air – both domestically and abroad.


We deliver transparent results

Professional specialists

Our colleagues’ decades of experience and personal network help meet the demands and service needs efficiently.

Reliable corporate background

Our reliability is further supported by the long-standing ‘AAA’ certification from Dun & Bradstreet, earned by only about 0.63% of companies in the Hungarian market. Additionally, our AEO and ISO9001 certifications ensure the transparency and safety of our processes.

Transparency, cargo tracking

Thanks to precise adherence to deadlines and ongoing communication during freight forwarding, we support our partners’ work with a high level of predictability and transparency.


Our Services


Delivering excellence across frontiers

Our company has reliable partnerships with the Chinese railway representation and provides multiple drop-off points throughout China. As of June 2022, we have become a terminal receiving agent, which allows us to receive rail groupage containers from China into our warehouse.


Navigating waves, delivering excellence

Sea Freight is the most frequently used way of transportation, capable of moving the highest volumes of goods and offering the best value for money. It covers all continents. We can ensure fast and reliable service by using direct bookings with shipping lines to save money and time to our clients.


Elevating expectations, soaring beyond

It is ideal for transporting high-value and sensitive goods (dangerous goods as well), it can help reduce costs and provide predictability. It covers all continents. When the time is critical for transport we could solve it with handcarry or charter solutions.


On the road to reliability

Road freight is the best when short delivery times, flexibility, site-to-site transport and flexible contracting are required. Our main transport routes include Western Europe, the Baltic countries, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Türkiye.


Here, everything finds its place

Our rented warehouse in Vecses, close to Budapest airport, is easily accessible. We have flexible opening hours, live security and a full logistics service, including handling incoming containers and moving goods.


We take care of everything for you

We offer a comprehensive customs clearance service, including all the necessary customs formalities. Our special advantage is that we have our own licence, which allows us to offer our clients an even more efficient and smooth service. We are AEO Certified.


We have a solution for everything

Our company undertakes the transport of overweight and oversized consignments and other goods requiring special handling, including dangerous goods, perishable goods, heavy machinery and frozen goods, both domestically and abroad.

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If you don’t want to deal with transportation tasks, if you lack the time for organizing and planning, entrust your goods to our company’s employees. We hope that our company has sparked your interest and that we can assist you with solving transportation tasks as soon as possible. Our work is the best guarantee, endorsed by hundreds of satisfied customers.


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It is highly satisfying as we receive high-quality service; the team responds promptly to our requests, and the fees are competitive.

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A reliable partner, always dependable for their services, and importantly, they respond promptly.

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I've been working with DTD for years; the company is characterized by accuracy and reliability. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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