It is ideal for transporting high-value and sensitive goods (dangerous goods as well), it can help reduce costs and provide predictability. It covers all continents. When the time is critical for transport we could solve it with handcarry and charter solutions.


Join over 200 companies who trust us to keep their shipments safe.



  • Air deliveries are coordinated from our budapest airport office
  • Contracted partner offices at the main airports
  • 7 transport managers available 7/24 with mobile and e-mail contact
  • As a member of the forwarding world network C5C, MIFFA, PPL, XPL, FM, Lognet/WCA we are reliable contracted partners
  • Fast flow of information according to customer needs
  • Export-import customs clearance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Charter, handcarry deliveries


We deliver transparent results

Professional specialists

Our colleagues’ decades of experience and personal network help meet the demands and service needs efficiently.

Reliable corporate background

Our reliability is further supported by the long-standing ‘AAA’ certification from Dun & Bradstreet, earned by only about 0.63% of companies in the Hungarian market. Additionally, our AEO and ISO9001 certifications ensure the transparency and safety of our processes.

Transparency, cargo tracking

Thanks to precise adherence to deadlines and ongoing communication during freight forwarding, we support our partners’ work with a high level of predictability and transparency.


A process that helps you sit back and relax

Twenty years of professional experience ensures the smooth and transparent processes of transportation.

24/7 availability

We strive to be available even outside regular hours. In urgent cases, our colleagues can be reached via mobile phone or email.

Professional experience

For easier tracking and record-keeping, we can provide reports upon request regarding ongoing shipments.

Continuous flow of information

If needed, we send reports multiple times a day regarding the current status of shipments, and we provide regular reports as well.

Dedicated contact

Each of our partners has a dedicated contact person, ensuring continuity in handling shipping needs and details, as the same coordinator oversees each shipment.


Transparency guarantee

Our reliability is underscored by our longstanding Dun & Bradstreet ‘AAA’ rating, ISO9001 certification, as well as our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, which represents the highest level of cooperation with customs authorities.

Bence Lévai

It is highly satisfying as we receive high-quality service; the team responds promptly to our requests, and the fees are competitive.

Dezső Farkas

A reliable partner, always dependable for their services, and importantly, they respond promptly.

György Hernádi

I've been working with DTD for years; the company is characterized by accuracy and reliability. I highly recommend them to everyone.

3 steps to smooth cooperation

By clicking on the ‘Request for proposal’ tab, you can choose the type of transportation method (road freight, air freight, sea freight, railway freight) you wish to use.

Please provide the precise dimensions and other details of the shipment, as well as the starting and destination points of the delivery.

Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible, so you just need to wait for their answer.

Request for an international shipping proposal

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